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Tổng hợp 14 Modules tuyệt cú mèo cho Joomla 1.5

Tổng hợp 14 Modules tuyệt cú mèo cho Joomla 1.5

[MOD] AG Snow
[MOD] Custom Footer 2.0.2 Alpha
[MOD][COM] Frontpage Slideshow v2.0
[PLG] JBackup 1.5.3
[MOD] Joomla Coloner v1.9.2
[MOD][COM] JStats v3.0.0
[COM] JUGA v15.2
[MOD] metaMOD 2.2c
[MOD][COM][PLG] Phoca Download v1.3.1
[MOD] RSFirewall v1.0.0 Rev6
[MOD] ShoutBox PRO 1.1
[MOD] TSViewer for Joomla 1.5
[MOD] YJPop Login
[MOD] YooHolidays 1.5.0


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Final Release + Apps Bundle includes:

* app_blog
* app_business
* app_cookbook
* app_documentation
* app_download
* app_movie
* app_page
* app_product
* com_zoo_2.0.0
* zoo_installation_package
* zoo_language_pack
* zooapps_installation_package



AceSEF 1.3.4 Plus + Mtree2 Extension – Joomla Extensions

AceSEF is a flexible and powerful SEF URLs and Meta Tags generator with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the generation and management of your URLs. Xem chi tiết…

GavickPro elveSocial – July 09 Joomla Template

e9aa0bf79c37b37d5b89b18f98f75cfaAn overview of the key features of this template are as follows:

* Tableless design and 100% css based.
* Build support for JomSocial from Team Azrul.com – Joomla Social Network Component.
* Build support for TabsManager GK3 component for tabs content display with exclusive template design.
* Build support for the News Show Pro GK1 module (now with new features added, with special novelty of automatic creation of thumbnails ). Xem chi tiết…

AjaxChat – The Joomla AJAX Chat Solution

ajaxchat_boxAjaxChat – The Joomla AJAX Chat Solution
Joomla AjaxChat Component is a fully browser based, multiuser, chat system for Joomla. It is completely customizable and blends into your Joomla template. AjaxChat modules and extensions also allow shoutbox, live users, and live support functionality.
Bundled Extensions Xem chi tiết…

RT Perihelion J1.5.x Full – August 08 Joomla Templates

RT Perihelion J1.5.x Full - August 08 Joomla Templates

RT Perihelion J1.5.x Full - August 08 Joomla Templates

The all new Perihelion template features an incredibly stylistic and unique design to add that special touch to your sites. Colorful textures and intricate design elements create an amazing array of layout options and combinations to provide a brand new look and feel.

Perihelion not only features a unique design, but it also offers the same adaptability and powerful features RocketTheme templates are known for. The RokNewsRotator content presentation module and an incredible 32 module positions mean that you can enjoy this unique style without sacrificing versatility. Xem chi tiết…

All 66 Joomla 1.0 And Joomla 1.5 QuickStart Templates

joomla-logo_320x81List of all templates:

Joomla 1.0.XX Templates
– JoomlArt – JA Archenar
– JoomlArt – JA Barite
– JoomlArt – JA Corona
– JoomlArt – JA Dravity
– JoomlArt – JA Drimia
– JoomlArt – JA Edenite
– JoomlArt – JA Erica
– JoomlArt – JA Fa6us
– JoomlArt – JA Fedora
– JoomlArt – JA Galena
– JoomlArt – JA Genista
– JoomlArt – JA Hedera
– JoomlArt – JA Larix
– JoomlArt – JA Pariiti Xem chi tiết…