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JoomlaXTC Module – Virtuemart Advanced Drill Search

Search and Destroy low sales and search results with the most advanced search module for Virtuemart!

Search and Destroy low sales and search results with the most advanced search module for Virtuemart!

Search and Destroy low sales and search results with the most advanced search module for Virtuemart!

This module narrows down a users search with 3 drill down effect fields – Category – Manufacturer – and finally Product.  Your customer is taken directly to the product page after selecting the last product field!  A must for any shopping cart with 100’s of products! Xem chi tiết…


Essence of Blog Web 2.0

Essence of Blog Web 2.0Essence of Blog 2.0, a fresh and friendly looking “web 2.0” styled 1/2/3 colums template. The template comes with a cool mootools framework powered sliding area.

Beside an enriched typography , the template is featured with beautiful buttons and module styles. Xem chi tiết…

BlogYou – Joomla Templates

BlogYou - Joomla TemplatesBlogYou is the first in our new line of TI Templates. The Total Integration template gives you complete control over the template styles in our custom TI template manager, from preset styles to your own custom styles, template control has never been easier. Xem chi tiết…

Restaurante – July 2009 Joomla Club Template

Restaurante - July 2009 Joomla Club Template Run a small pizza shop, bar and grill? We designed Restaurante to be a package install of component and template that will allow any small restaurant to take online orders from their website. Give your store a more professional appearance with the online ordering functionality that this template release gives you. Xem chi tiết…

SuperBlog – Joomla Templates

SupperBlog - Joomla Templates

SupperBlog - Joomla Templates

Introducing SuperBlog by JoomlaPraise. SuperBlog incorporates two very powerful extensions, K2 and the Superblogger plugin (both from JoomlaWorks). The Superblogger plugin that elaborate on the core Joomla Content Component, and K2 will replace it. If you’re fine with the core Content Component that comes with Joomla! we’ve styled it to work great for blogging as well! Xem chi tiết…

Tăng Tốc Cho Joomla 1.5x

JoomlaFrontpage350Tối ưu Template.
Bật tính năng nén thông tin bằng GZip
Hạn chế sử dụng các Component/Module
Hạn chế sử dụng các tính năng thống kê
Lựa chọn đúng công cụ SEO/SEF
Bật tính năng cache của hệ thống
Loại bỏ các truy vấn tồi
Tránh xa việc bắc cầu (Bridge)
Tối ưu hóa cơ sở dữ liệu Xem chi tiết…

JoomlaXTC Plugs – Module – Component

Packed jxtc joomla components

Packed jxtc joomla components

JoomlaXTC Plugs – Virtuemart Media Suite
The Virtuemart Media Suite consists of two Joomla Plugs (formerly mambots) that work side by side with Virtuemart. Using more than just a plugin call, the VM Media plugs allow you to add sample mp3s and FLVs within your Virtuemart Media Panel (where you set your additional images and downloadable products) and displays them automatically. Select from multiple display videos with multiple players for simple display, muti playlist display, full control over player skin colors and graphics, and a host of other options. Works with Joomla 1.5x and Virtuemart 1.12x

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