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The Slingshot
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The Slingshot | WordPress  template

Features include

* 3 Styles, one theme. Purchase only one template, you get 3 different styles to choose from.
* Automatic Menu. Add your pages to the main menu with a couple clicks, no more HTML editing.
* Automatic image resizing. Forget about preparing multiple versions of the same image. The Slingshot does it automatically.
* Two widget areas. The sidebar and footer sections are fully widgetized and ready to use.
* Five built-in widgets. Do you want Flickr integration? a video section? a space to display ads? don’t worry looking for third-party plugins, The Slingshot already includes all those widgets and more.

Your purchase includes

* 1 theme. With all the php files, templates and scripts ready to use-
* 3 PSD Files. In case you want to make graphical changes to the theme
* 5 custom widgets. Ready to use out of the box.
* E-mail support. If you have any questions, my e-mail address is listed on the help file, i’ll be glad to help you. (15.70 MB)


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