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ClassiPress v3.0.1 – Premium WordPress Theme

ClassiPress v3.0.1
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Today I have released a general bug fix release which patches up 25+ bugs found in the original 3.0 product. It is highly recommended that you upgrade immediately to this release to benefit from the fixes. Existing customers should use their original e-junkie email download link to get it.

You will need to replace your existing /themes/classipress/ folder with this new version. Deactivate the theme first before doing this. Then reactivate 3.0.1 because there are some items that need to be updated in your database.

Below you will find a list of all fixes and changes in this release. For specific files affected, please see the changelog.txt file accompanied with the 3.0.1 download.

Bug Fixes

    * fixed the “access denied” error that some people were experiencing.

    * added parameter for uniqid() function to comply with php 4.3 or earlier.

    * added substr function on directory home page featured titles to help prevent wrap.

    * fixed problem with some profile fields not saving data.

    * fixed profile sidebar twitter and facebook urls so they now show updated links

    * fixed minor css bug by removing the float: left for ad thumbnails

    * fixed disappearing nav drop-down issue. changed z-index to 999

    * added two new currency position options so you can have spaces

    * fixed image uploads so more than six now correctly get uploaded.

    * fixed search so it respects the category selected and shows those results.

    * forced image names and extensions to lowercase on file check. some systems threw error if .JPG, etc

    * add inquiry emails were missing the reply-to email address.

    * text on search button wasn’t setup for localization. added correct _e wrap.

    * added missing custom url logo field to the settings page.

    * when using ad packs, ad length wasn’t getting passed into paypal correctly. it was using prune length instead.

    * price per category wasn’t showing up for new CP customers. replaced legacy get_option tags with correct ones.

    * changed admin alert to check for “contains” /%postname%/ instead of exact match so other permalink styles can be used

General Changes

    * changed security check from user levels to roles. also added new value to disable this feature

    * moved featured home page ads price under the image and removed the (). Added a trim function so long titles get cut down.

    * added a “pending listings” total to the account statistics profile sidebar.

    * added a new option to hide/show the featured ads section on the home page.

    * added a new option to control the featured ads title length before trimming occurs.

    * setup single ad page to display custom fields in order they were set in custom form layout. created new function and moved duplicate code from edit item page.

    * added two new sidebar widgets called “top ads today” & “top ads overall”. made the search widget usable on multiple sidebars. unregistered the default search widget. (1.57 MB)
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