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WordPress Uniquefier Plugin v3.3

uniquefierYou may be wondering how is this possible? Well, it is indeed, and no it’s not one of those article rewriters or any spinners you may have heard of. More, the articles will be the same for your site visitors, the changes which are being made to the articles are in the backpage, in the page source, changes which are not visible to the visitors, but only to the search engines bots and browsers. We are not adding hiding text or any kind of such activities which are strictly forbidden, the Uniquefier uses a simple, yet highly effective mechanism of turning your articles unique. It is a well known fact that search engines (for google has been proofed) can run and index non advanced JavaScript from your pages. This is why, by using a special technique we place the original articles under a JavaScript run. This way:

  • you get original content as the way you show the articles is different than just a pure copy+paste
  • search engines understand what an untrained human eye can’t

The method it’s working and it’s bulletproof. Version 1.0 has been tested by hundreds of customers, v 2.0 turned things even more perfect. It’s now time for v3.0 to take you to the limit.

Copyscape Passed Unique Content

As a proof of the uniqueness it’s producing, Copyscape, a leader in duplicate content detection, proofs all the articles as unique after using the WordPress Uniquefier Plugin.

Short and simple: upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory and activate it from your wordpress admin panel. That’s all, you’ve got yourself a unique content stream. All your existing and future posts will automatically be seen as unique content. No changes are made to your database, so if on any moment you want to disable the plugin, the posts will go back to their original state. Trust me, you won’t want to disable it ever.

Uniquefier 3.0 new features

-the possibility to keep specific posts unchanged.

-no more compatibility problem with any other plugins you may use like wp-youtube or phpbay

-now your rss feed will work without problems in all feed readers

-automatic updates notification

-custom themes compatibility (if you are having problems with the post “excerpt”, a version of the Uniquefier is included to fix it.)

If you are having automated blogs or you are using automated posting scripts like feedwordpress or wp-o-matic you may want to know that this plugin it’s compatible with both of them or any other you may be using.

Keeping an eye on SEO

Using the Uniquefier won’t impact your SEO. It is a known fact that search engines know how to index the javascript we are using. It’s been 3 months since the Uniquefier got life, since then customers have gone up to 200%-300% more traffic 2 weeks after using the Uniquefier. Needle to say that all their websites are unique content for search engines.


Now, with WordPress Uniquefier v3.0 all your articles are 100% unique

What is Uniquefier and how is it going to help you?

Uniquefier is a WordPress Plugin which once activated will turn your blog content from duplicate to unique. All it takes is 1 single click to activate the plugin and everything will be 100% unique content.




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