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AjaxChat – The Joomla AJAX Chat Solution

ajaxchat_boxAjaxChat – The Joomla AJAX Chat Solution
Joomla AjaxChat Component is a fully browser based, multiuser, chat system for Joomla. It is completely customizable and blends into your Joomla template. AjaxChat modules and extensions also allow shoutbox, live users, and live support functionality.
Bundled ExtensionsThe following modules are included with AjaxChat and allow optional functionality and features.

* LiveUsers Module – Allows Members to browse your website and Private Chat with other online members.
* Shoutouts Module – Allows a shoutbox for users to post messages with live updates

Commercial Extensions

The following modules can be purchased for AjaxChat to allow additional functionality and features.

* Live support modules – Allows an administrator to monitor visitors on the website and provide live chat support.
* SiteMessenger Module – Allows registered users to keep a friends list





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