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Superblogger v1.2


SuperBlogger is a new powerful plugin adding blogging functionality to Joomla! 1.5 articles. The plugin integrates popular services like (for comments) and Twitter, along with commonly used blogging tools like tagging, rating, bookmarking and social media sharing. Add to that MVC template overrides and the ability to process images server-side and you got a real WordPress contender, if not better in some areas!

SuperBlogger‘s features can easily be set in the plugin’s parameters, so you can choose which elements you want to make use of in your Joomla! website.


SuperBlogger extends standard Joomla! articles like no other plugin has ever done before!

Common features include:
– Integration with the popular comment system (includes video commenting via Seismic).
– Tools for Twitter like ‘Tweet this’ button, Tweetmeme badge for tracking tweetbacks/retweets, latest Tweets feed from your Twitter account.
– Article rating system using ajax (built-in) or the online service (for added features).
– Article tags (using the meta keywords field inside the Joomla! article form).
– Article tools like section/category links with associated RSS feed links, stats, date created, font resizer, ‘bookmark this’ button, social media sharing and option for integrating a social button from services like AddThis or ShareThis.
– Related content across the web provided by (as used in sites like
Drop-cap feature and introtext emphasizing for cool magazine style typography. The styling can easily be altered on the article page template of the plugin.
– Author tools like author avatar (via and latest articles from author.
Image resizing and resampling (server-side) for the first image in your articles. On listing pages (e.g. blogcategory) the image is wrapped with a link to the rest of the article and on article pages the image is wrapped with a link to lightbox popup for displaying the original image which was processed by the plugin. Your website will now have a consistent look, perform better (due to optimal image sizing) and your content editors will not have to worry anymore about resizing images in desktop applications!
– Predefined anchor links with smooth scrolling effects make navigating among the features of the plugin a breeze.
– Option to insert custom HTML at the footer of the article. Useful for adding copyright statements or other generic messages for your articles.
– MVC template overrrides architecture: It uses 2 templates for listing and article pages, with associated CSS files. That means styling flexibility
– You can select to render the plugin on specific (or all) categories and/or menus. So if your site has a “blog” category, you can instruct the plugin to render only there and not in the entire site. The selection is done easily is the plugin parameters.
– It can load any module position in 3 different places: after the article text, before and after the comments. These options are fully configurable in the plugin parameters. Using MVC template overrides or simply tweaking the plugin templates, you can move these positions elsewhere or even add more (e.g. some position with Google Ads, another with “related articles” etc.). For more, this is fully explained in the documentation page of the plugin.





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