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Triumph – WPNow WordPress Template

Triumph - WPNow WordPress Template

Triumph - WPNow WordPress Template

Another wicked layout from WPnow themes, the use of shades and colours used properly combined with great content of your blog can really make you popular, this theme looks simple but their; like so many great blog themes are a few surprises you will find with cleaver mouseovers and dropdown boxes. This theme is wordpress 2.8 ready so grab it now!Features :
A list of unique features that are included with Triumph.
Two Column Layout
Widget Ready
Adsense Ready
Threaded Comments
WP 2.7+ Ready
No Sidebars Template
Links & Bookmark Template
Sitemap Template
Five Level Dropdown Menus
Plugins :
Plugins are tools to modify the functionality of WordPress. Learn More →
* All in One SEO
* Easy Contact Form
* WordPress Page Navigation
* Breadcrumb NavXT


  1. 17/08/2009 lúc 10:57 chiều

    giao dien rat dep. Minh dang dung cai nay!

  2. Mai Tien
    04/03/2010 lúc 4:51 chiều

    Sao T ko download duoc. Please email link download to me. Thanks a lot

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