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JoomlaXTC Plugs – Module – Component

Packed jxtc joomla components

Packed jxtc joomla components

JoomlaXTC Plugs – Virtuemart Media Suite
The Virtuemart Media Suite consists of two Joomla Plugs (formerly mambots) that work side by side with Virtuemart. Using more than just a plugin call, the VM Media plugs allow you to add sample mp3s and FLVs within your Virtuemart Media Panel (where you set your additional images and downloadable products) and displays them automatically. Select from multiple display videos with multiple players for simple display, muti playlist display, full control over player skin colors and graphics, and a host of other options. Works with Joomla 1.5x and Virtuemart 1.12x

JoomlaXTC Module – Virtuemart Advanced Drill Search
Search and Destroy low sales and search results with the most advanced search module for Virtuemart!This module narrows down a users search with 3 drill down effect fields – Category – Manufacturer – and finally Product. Your customer is taken directly to the product page after selecting the last product field! A must for any shopping cart with 100’s of products!
JoomlaXTC Splash Panel Pro
The Splash Panel Pro is the instant perfect solution for Company Directories, Product Showcases, Home Page Presentations, Javascript Menus, Animated presentations, and so much more! Quite Simply the Holy Grail of Javascript Layouts!
JoomlaXTC Module – JXTC Mini FLV
JoomlaXTC’s Mini FLV module is a flash based FLV Video player. This light weight multi FLV player has 2 display modes: Normal Gallery Display or a Tabbed Playlist Display. Created with simplicity in mind, Mini FLV is perfect for those wishing to showcase FLV Videos on their site without taking up too much real estate. The Mini FLV module uses the Joomla XTC Playlist System, allowing ease of use and outside links, simply enter the path and title in the module admin panel and your up and running.. No more XML tweaks, Auto Populate script troubles, just pure and simple, thats the JXTC MINI FLV!


Autoplay On or Off
Height and Width options
Gallery or Tabbed Playlist display modes
XPS (XTC Playlist System)
Demo and full doc.

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