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Folio Blogger –

Folio Blogger -

Folio Blogger -

FolioBlogger is a WordPress Portfolio theme with full Blogging capabilities and is ideal for photographers, artists or designers. It was created to be VERY easy to maintain using simple WordPress posting and writing capabilities and has numerouse php and jquery enhancements.olio Blogger has many features that are seen and unseen that make using your new theme easy to set-up and manage. Some of the features Include:

* Two Widget Sidebars ( one for the home page and portfolio & one for the blog)
* Different Excerpt lengths for the slider, Blog and Archives to keep things neat
* Automatic Image Sizing using best fit and zoom scale – PHP (No Plugin Required)
* Automatic Thumbnails and image handling
* Gravatars for comments
* Ad Management (turn On or Off with a click)
* Google Analytics
* Six Color Options (simply select in the options menu)
* Adjust How many blog post you want on the home page in the admin (You can have a different number for the interior blog pages AND the portfolio will show ALL post from the selected category… Flexibility!
* Custom Theme Options Panel
* Slider for all portfolio categories
* Blog section (select a post to go in the blog or it will go to the portfolio – automatic!)
* Jquery enhanced
* Jquery slide down Category menu – supports 2nd level items!
* valid css and xhtml
* and More…


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