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CCMS v4 Pro Nulled

CCMS v4 Pro Nulled

CCMS v4 Pro Nulled

More Info:

Advertisment System
Ad co-ordination
User Level / Permission system
Create your own user levels and set user permissions
Allow access to admin panel, enable / disable ads for different user levels
Console home pages
Console specific latest news, top games, articles, latest media
User System
Custom profile fields
VB, SMF, PHPBB [etc.] integration by default.Admin Control Panel
Complete CCMS Forum System
News System
Print news feature
Ad split in news
Cheats System
File Database
Multiple review categories (review more than just games)
Member Blogs
Media Section
Upload up to 20 images at a time
Optional image watermarking with 1 click
Links Database
Custom Pages
For creating pages with any content you like
Submit System
Users can submit news, files, articles and media
Admin Shoutbox
Rating System
Top Games and game ranks & worst games (optional)
Game Index / Profile Page
Game collection / wishlists
Company profiles
Now Playing
Upcoming Games page
Members Online
Who’s online page, and last page viewed
Private Message System
Pop-up notification when a new pm is detected
Comment System for articles, news, files and media
Image thumbnailer for fast loading images (Powered by GD2)
RSS News Output
Member List
Mod_Rewrite for friendly url’s
Easy integration into VBulletin/PHPBB
.css style sheets for easier customization
Unique page titles for better SEO
Language friendly
All phrases are located in a single file
Account activation by email
Poll system
Video module
FAQ module
Wii friend code, PSID and Gamerid (w/ tag) displayed in users profile.
Automatic update and install scripts

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